//  Origin:  Fort Collins, CO
//  Genres:  Jazz/Rock/Klezmer/Groove
//  Website: bigbrooklynmusic.com

Bridging rock, jazz, klezmer, and groove, Big Brooklyn carries a progressive yet inviting presence, exploring beautiful melodies while defining new boundaries. Awarded Five Star Highly Commended ratings by the UK Songwriting Contest for their compositions, as well as being a jazz finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest for their song “One Provision”, this 5-piece group captivates audiences with a unique depth of passion in expressive melodies and harmonies, touching on the inseparable exultation and pathos of the klezmer sound, all interwoven over a fabric of jazz and groove that pulls all stops. Band members include: Melody Dornfeld – Clarinet, Luke Soasey – Saxophone, Aaron Summerfield – Guitar, Jo Asker - Bass, and Willie Dornfeld - Drums.  

“With a sound that laughs and sobs at the same time, Dornfeld on clarinet is a master of nuance. Her reed is her tongue, joy is her language and this CD as a collaboration of these outstanding musicians is a supernova.” 

–Debbie Burke, Jazz Author/Journalist

"Serious talent in an eclectic and unique package." 

- Avogadro's Number,

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